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Software Assurance - Бесплатные курсы обучения по ваучерам
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 / 2019
Microsoft Windows 10
Облачные технологии: Azure, Microsoft 365
Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 / 2019
Microsoft System Center
Microsoft Skype for business 2019
Microsoft SQL Server 2014 / 2016
Microsoft SharePoint 2016 / 2019
Microsoft Visual Studio 2016
Авторские курсы Microsoft
Расписание курсов Microsoft и Citrix в графическом формате
Корпоративное обучение пользователей Microsoft Office
Более ранние версии программных продуктов Microsoft
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Microsoft Business Applications

Курс OD10992: Integrating On-Premises Core Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure

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Цена вебинара для юридических лиц, р.: 24900

Продолжительность курса (дней): 90

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Цель: This course covers a range of components, including Microsoft Azure Compute, Azure Storage, and network services that customers can benefit from when deploying hybrid solutions. In this context, the term hybrid means integrating infrastructure technologies that customers host in on-premises datacenters with Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) services. This course offers an overview of these services, providing the knowledge necessary to design hybrid solutions properly. It also includes a number of demonstrations and labs that enable students to develop hands-on skills that are necessary when implementing such solutions.

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MOC On-Demand is an integrated combination of video, text, practical tasks and knowledge tests designed to help IT experts and developers to expand their knowledge about Microsoft technologies. The courses are a great alternative for anyone wanting to learn independently and at their own pace. They can also be used in the form of a Blended Class together with managed training courses, or as the basis for training solutions with mentoring and other learning programmes. All Labs within a course can be accessed via the Microsoft Labs Online (MLO) platform. Participants enrolled on a course can start the Labs directly from within a course; they do not need to be set up separately. Licence codes purchased for the new Skillpipe MOC On-Demand courses can now all be found in the "Digital Library" section. The licence codes for these courses are now provided via the Management Dashboard, just like for the dMOC courses.

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